You're not alone

There is help

Collection Foundation Trust works exclusively with distributing financial aid to applicants in need. If you are looking for other help, do not give up, but we ask you to contact one of the support organizations or treatment clinics that are available, for example:


National Association Against Incest and Other Sexual Abuses. Offers support groups, café evenings, support mail and phone.

Föreningen Storasyster (Association big sister)

Non-profit association that offers e-mail, chat, companion, call reception with trauma treatment by a legitimate psychologist, conversation groups, legal counseling and sexual counseling.


Non-profit association that provides help and support in the form of, among other things, desiré group, conversation evenings, individual calls, skype groups, support person.


Collects more than 140 women's shelters, girls' shelters and other support activities that work for a gender-equal society free from violence.


The Association of Families for Sexually Abused Children. 


Non-profit association, World of No Sexual Abuse, which works through treatment, research, and dissemination of knowledge to make specialized care for psychological damage following sexual abuse available across the country.


Reception aimed at people who have been exposed to sexual violence or violence in a partner



A patient association for people who have been sexually abused.

Roks - if you live in a situation where crime is ongoing

National organization for women and girls' rights in Sweden. Offers protected places for women, girls, and children who are afraid of a dangerous man, as well as chat, mail and telephone support.


An independent reception with a focus on assisting men in crisis.