We want to facilitate the road to becoming whole again

Financial contribution to therapy and treatment.

However, in conventional care, the possibility of treatments is often inadequate, and unfortunately, is also most often located in the southern part of Sweden. We often find help instead primarily in non-profit organizations that work with aid in various ways. As well as from the private sector where a lot of competence in different body therapies are found. To come to terms with the psychosomatic problems that often arise, we are referred to this sector.

And this is why the Collection Foundation Trust is formed because we want to make a real difference. We, who are behind Collection Foundation Trust, want to build a fund with financial resources open for adult women to apply for grants from.

Your support goes to the following efforts:

- Travel grants to visit other places to enable therapy or treatment. 
- Grants for overnights in other places to enable therapy and treatment.
- Grants to treatment and or therapy costs.