With your help, more people can choose their own path to becoming whole again

Despite a more open societal climate for the opportunity to talk about incest and other sexual abuse and even more people that dare to open their eyes in these contexts, the problem is unfortunately both very serious and extensive. Incest and other sexual abuse occur in all classes of society. According to statistics from Swedish BRÅ, the Crime Prevention Council, about 17 000 sexual offenses are reported in Sweden each year, and in addition, the number of blanks is very high for those who do not report. If you look at children, the number of rapes reported to police are as many as 3 000 per year and even then BRÅ counts with a dark figure of 90 percent. 

If we then look at the consequences that all these abuses can result in - it is of course different depending on how the situations played out and how the affected person has experienced the situation-but there is always some kind of consequence. What we do know is that sexual assault is associated with a higher risk of various mental health problems, including PTSD and depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicidality. Another example is fear, discomfort, powerlessness, concentration problems, dissociation, flashbacks, self-destructiveness, guilt, and shame. It is also common for those affected to be traumatized. This means that our internal systems in the body go into a survival mode because the abuse situation is so horrible, this results in severe stress on the body. What happens later, is that the body's system is unable to process that the event is over, so the body remains in this state of stress. This causes long-term negative health effects, thus problems both with the present, but also to trigger long-term chronic illnesses.

With this as a background, we know that there are many adult women who need help to get the opportunity to heal and not be forced to live with this trauma and its effects year after year. Because even though the sexual abuse occurred 30-40 years back in time, they affect the entire life situation of the victim. Often, those who have been exposed to childhood sexual abuse usually need several types of treatment, not only psychotherapy in the form of conversation, which is often the first thing that come to mind. In sexual abuse, injuries occur both in the body and the soul; e.g. psychosomatic disorders and often need to be processed in a variety of ways such as specific trauma treatment, talk therapy, pharmacological treatment. However also body therapies, image therapy, and physiotherapy can come a long way to help with psychosomatic disorders. Everyone is unique though and deals with the abuses you have been exposed to differently. What is most important here is that everyone must do it in their own way and with access to the expert help required. However, this is where problems often arise, because depending on where in the elongated country we live, the care and treatment that is available varies largely. Knowledge deficiencies and difficulties in gaining access to the right treatment mean that a good economy, in the end, is often what can get you access to the treatment you need. But all affected women should be entitled to the help they need regardless of their own finances or wherever they live.

-Collection Foundation Trust wants to make a difference for women who have been exposed to incest or other abuses as children.

-Collection Foundation Trust wants to be there for all the women who need financial support in order to be able to take part in the treatments they need.

-Collection Foundation Trust wants to be able to provide financial support so that all women can become whole again.

-Collection Foundation Trust wants to be a financial aid for the affected women's opportunity to feel good again.